Sunday, July 11, 2010

Computer Software

Giant file encryption to protect your privacy

Very powerful program that protects your privacy and files from the
mischievous hands out .. Lock your files with a password and no one can however
be opened only with your knowledge ..

Program produced by the famous Lavasoft

One of the few programs which dates back to 2008


لا توجد أية مواضيع جديدة

File is encrypted take this situation

لا توجد أية مواضيع جديدة

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Computer Software


IMMonitor Yahoo Messenger Spy 2.0

To spy on the talks, Yahoo Messenger
Spying on the first six lines after Zllk close the program and then open it
Again, and spied on six lines of the conversation, and so also allows you to program
Recording of the conversation, which spied upon

I know that God is watching you

لا توجد أية مواضيع جديدة

the program


Barrio 5.0

Month program to spy on the victim and took Alaketoni-mail and password for it and also send you what you write the first Powell and can also take a file from the victim machine you specify and send it to you via e-mail he had a very good program and excellent

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IOpus Starr

Program more than excellent, but He's a legend in the world of espionage where can spy on all written by the victim and also pick you pictures of his using the programs than watch and can send these files to your e-mail and I was imperfect, it does not work on distance or that has no spyware If you want to do all this by the inauguration You are on the victim machine which was hidden no one can discover, but you write the word secret Ran until you see that the device by Deeb Friv is useless, but in the end he is very advanced in espionage and Bzkaik You can use well. This program runs for 30 days to make it non-stop you will find him Kfattah Registration


Password Recovery

Program where a great idea can turn the encrypted password on the stars to real numbers and letters

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